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Hey guys! This is the second in a series of interviews with textbook buyback companies that pay cash for books you sell to them online.

Today, we’ll be talking with Todd Bradley, the Account Manager of CKY Books. Located in Central Kentucky, CKY has been a reliable book buyback company for several years and has provided me with fast, efficient transactions for all of the buyback orders I’ve shipped to them.

Let’s hear what Todd has to say:

How long has your company been in business and how long have you offered a book buyback program?

We started selling books online in 2001, through Amazon, Alibris, Ebay, Half, etc…[but] sourcing new inventory was always challenging. In 2004 we decided to create a venue where the average reader could sell their used books for a fair price and repurpose their books at the same time.

How can I sell my books online to CKY and earn extra money?

Once you create an account you are ready to create an order to sell CKY books, games, movies and music.

Creating an account with us is very simple – all we need is your name, address, email address and your preferred payment method [PayPal or check]. We don’t ask for phone numbers or any financial information.

You can enter the ISBNs/UPCs [of your books, DVDs, games etc.] into our site and see the amounts we are offering. Once you get to a total of at least $20.00 you can finalize the buyback and access the free shipping labels. You pick your shipping method. Print your packing slip and shipping. Pack your books and send them to us.

Can anyone sell books to CKY?

Almost anyone. You need to be over 18 years of age [but] it is pretty common for a parent to create an account for a child to use with the adult supervising.

You need to have a US mailing address as our FREE inbound shipping only works from inside the U.S.

However we do have some small percentage of accounts where people find ways around this. Some Canadian customers somehow ship books from a U.S. address but have their checks sent to a Canadian address. Same for some other countries.

What types of books does CKY buy through its buyback program?

Current textbooks are almost always being bought, same with the newest fiction releases. Religion, Political, History, Art, Self Help, Parenting, Medical. CKY buys a bit of everything

On any given day, we are buying roughly 3 million titles. We have purchased between 500k-900k items each year over the last 7 years.

What types of books does CKY never buy through its buyback program?

Well, I never like to use the word never, because as soon as I do I will find an exception to the rule. Generally though, romance novels are bust. Popular fiction that is more than a year old usually has very little value. Everyone reads that stuff, me included, so the market is flooded with it.

There are many TYPES of items we cannot buy, including Teacher’s or Instructor’s Editions Textbooks, International/Foreign Edition Textbooks, Custom Edition Textbooks (textbooks printed for a specific school or university).

Advanced reading copies, uncorrected proofs, and promotional copies of books (books that state “review copy”, “free copy”, “sample copy”, “examination copy”, “complimentary copy”, “not for resale”, or “not for sale” anywhere on the book.

Books with one-time use access codes & subscription/registration-based software/online course materials.

Partial sets or incomplete sets (i.e. only volume 1 of a 2 volume set) cannot be bought.

Items where the ISBN the customer used does not match the ISBN of the item.

Pornography or otherwise offensive and explicit material.

Dated materials/books, calendars, daily planners, dated diaries or journals (this includes code/tax guides that are now obsolete or have been superseded by a newer version).

Book Club Editions and rebound books also cannot be accepted.

Are there certain times in the year when CKY buys more books?

CKY’s biggest buying times coincide with the beginning of college semesters due to the large numbers of textbooks. So January, May, and August are usually very busy.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Book Conditions

I understand you accept books with some highlighting, notes, and underlining in them. How much highlighting/writing and underlining is considered “okay” by CKY?

Great question. CKY does buy books with highlighting and underlining. [But] explaining how much is acceptable is the hard part. The determination of how much is too much is left to our inspectors and their experience in handling hundreds of thousands of books.

We tell our customers this, “If you look at the book and wonder if it has too much highlighting/writing or underlining, then we will likely have the same questions and you are better off not sending that item.”

Do you buy ex-library books with library stickers and stamps?

Yes, we do purchase ex-library books but your payment amount will be 30% less than the quoted price – please note that ex-library books frequently have issues and they make up the largest portion of all rejected items.

When is a book not considered in “good condition” – and unable to be sold to CKY?

This is again based on experience selling used books. Our inspectors thought process runs like this: they are trained to buy as much as they can while reducing or rejecting as little as possible. They understand that with every rejection or reduction we might lose that customer.

That being said, if we see a book that is visibly stained, or has pages that are wrinkled from water/liquid damage, we are not going to buy that book. If it is missing pages, we are not going to buy it.

Think of it this way, if you would not want to buy the book you are selling to us because it is in poor condition, we are not going to want to buy it either.

What do you do with books sent to you in poor condition?

Books that are rejected are held for 15 days in a special holding area. After 15 days they are either put on a pallet for donation or they are destroyed. It depends on the issue with the book and they type of book it is.

If you decide to not pay for a book will you send the book back to the original seller?

YES. Items not accepted/rejected by CKY will only be shipped back to the Seller at the Seller’s expense. Items not accepted will be held for 15 days; after that time, these items will be recycled, donated, or used to support the community and environment at CKY’s discretion.

CKY will post a notice of any deductions for items not accepted via email on the seller’s account after the customer’s order has been processed.

If the Seller would like their unaccepted items returned, the Seller must contact CKY promptly, through email ( or phone (877-311-9544), to provide payment for return shipping costs.

Packing Books to Ship to CKY

What should sellers pack their books in when shipping books to you?

We prefer sturdy boxes unless you are just sending a book or two.

What type of free shipping do you offer?

We offer FREE Shipping via United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express Ground (FedEx) or United Postal Service (USPS – Post Office).

I would personally like to suggest that all customers use either FedEx or UPS as they are fast and reliable. Last year FedEx lost 5 shipments out of roughly 11,000. Last year UPS lost 13 shipments out of roughly 15000. Last year USPS lost/damaged 312 out of 2100 shipments.

Do you provide any shipping insurance for packages sent through your buyback program?

Yes. FedEx and UPS are both insured for $100 per package.

CKY may provide a fee paid FedEx/UPS shipping label. CKY does not accept responsibility for packages lost by the carrier.

CKY can file a claim for damages/loss on the shipper’s behalf if requested. It is the shipper’s responsibility to maintain a record that may assist with filing any claim that may arise. This might include photos of the items and packaging or other documentation. Failure to maintain such a record can result in rejection of the claim by the carrier.

Postal packages do not have insurance. We encourage customers to purchase shipping insurance at their own expense if they wish to use this service.

What are the biggest pet peeves you have about the types of books you receive through your buyback program?

Our biggest pet peeve is poor packing of the books for shipment. You would be amazed at how many packages we get with a single $100 textbook tossed into a big screen TV box with no padding or protection. Please take a few minutes to package your items safely for travel to ensure your get paid your full amount.

Selling DVDs, Music, and Games to CKY

What other products does CKY buy?

CKY also buys games, movies and music. What you earn is based on the value of what you sell. Newer games and movies etc are worth more than older ones.

Do you need a different account to sell non-book items to CKY?

No. You can use the same account to sell anything you might have.

If you have a lot of books, movies, CDs, and games to sell, can they be shipped in the same package, or should different products be shipped separately?

They can all be shipped together, to consolidate shipping. Just remember to pack them securely so nothing gets broken. We cannot pay for broken items.

Thanks Todd! Remember, if you’d like to contact CKY with more questions about selling your books for extra cash, you can reach them via email at or their Toll Free Phone number (877-311-9544).

CKY also has a “Leave a message” box on their website, in the bottom right corner that can double as a live chat feature.

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How to Sell Books Online for Profit with the Buyback Program Logo

Hey everyone! This blog post marks the first in a series of interviews with textbook buyback companies that let you sell books for cash online.

Instead of just reading my articles on the best buyback textbook website, you’ll now learn what books these companies buy, how much they’ll pay, and how you can send books to them to make extra money – from the people who pay cash for your books!

Our first interview is with one of my favorite textbook buyback programs – I’ve sold thousands of books to over the years and have earned thousands of dollars from them.’s Director of Contact Center Operations, Chris Gibson, was nice enough to answer some questions about how buys books. Thanks Chris!

Let’s see what he has to say:

How long has offered a book buyback program? was established in 2006 and has offered a buyback program since that time.

How many books does buy each year? purchases hundreds of thousands of books across many subjects, genres, and majors each year.

Can anyone sell used books for cash to

Anyone with an Internet connection can sell books to! We have one of the largest buyback programs available online and offer free UPS shipping for our buybacks.

Do you have to live in the US to sell books to

You have to be based in the US, with a US address, to sell books to us. We do not ship or do buyback internationally.

What types of books does buy?

We offer buyback value on books across all subjects and genres. These buybacks range from human biology and algebra, to a variety of Shakespeare classics.

What types of books does not buy?

We typically don’t exclude specific genres or subjects from the buyback program, but we don’t purchase international editions or annotated teacher’s editions.

Textbooks that are international or teacher’s editions will usually have “International Edition” or “Teacher’s Edition” printed on the cover.

How much money will offer for a book?

We offer a wide range depending on the demand for the book. Trade titles like The Great Gatsby are among the lowest value books that we purchase back, while some titles related to biology, microeconomics, and calculus have buyback values well over $100.

While we don’t have a specific minimum for an individual book, there is a $10 minimum to process a buyback order, so it can be made up of several lesser-priced books.

Are there certain times in the year when buys more books?

While we offer buyback value on a large list of books year-round, certain times of the year – like December and May – see an increase as students finish using their books for a semester.

How to Check If Your Book Condition is Good for

Do you buy books that have underlining and/or highlighting in the pages?

Any color or mixture of color is acceptable for highlighting, as long as it does not obscure any portion of the text. If any of the text becomes unreadable, we’re unable to purchase that book. Our guideline for writing or underlining is limited to 50% of the book, provided that it does not obscure any portion of the text.

Workbooks and study guides are graded differently due to the nature of needing to work directly in the book. Up to five pages can contain writing in pencil; any writing in pen is unacceptable.

These guidelines are put in place to benefit future customers. We hand-inspect all books that are sold back to us and we guarantee our used books. On the website, you’ll see books sold directly from marked “Certified Used,” which provides peace-of-mind to our customers.

Sometimes, the book’s previous owner writes notes in the margins of a textbook. Do you accept books like these?

Notes in the margins are acceptable, as long as they are not written on more than 50% of pages in the text and as long as they don’t obscure any of the text.

Do you buy ex-library books with library stickers and stamps?

Yes, we purchase ex-library books. As long as the book is in good condition, it’s eligible for our buyback program.

When is a book considered not in “good condition”? won’t buy books with the following conditions:

• Water damage or stains of any kind
• Missing, torn, or loose pages
• Damage to the cover, binding, or spine
• Any marking inside the book that makes text unreadable
• Publisher defects

While publisher defects are not common, the most prevalent issues we see are sections that are out of order, a section missing while another is repeated in its place, or text that is printed upside down in relation to the front cover.

Some textbook retailers sell books with lower standards than We see some books come through the buyback program with signs of water damage, stains, or ruffled pages that may have been present when the student purchased a book elsewhere.

This leads some students to think that water damage is acceptable for used books, but we’re unable to purchase a book that has any degree of water damage.

It is also possible that a customer may have a book that has been stickered incorrectly. Instead of using the ISBN found on the sticker on the back on the book, it is best to use the information available on the copyright page.

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit code assigned to a book. It’s located on the copyright page inside the book and usually also on the bar code on the back cover, although we recommend using the one on the copyright page.

Searching by ISBN ensures you are getting a quote for the correct book. There can be many versions or editions of a given title; some may be custom editions, some may come with online access, some may be packaged with additional components. Each “version” of a title will have its own ISBN, so it ensures we’re talking about the same book.

Sometimes the book’s bar code shows the Universal Product Code (UPC) which is not the same as an ISBN. Remember – 13-digit ISBNs start with “978,” and 10-digit American ISBNs start with a “0” or “1” (foreign ISBNs can start with different numbers).

What else might make a book unacceptable to

Any components listed in the title of a book need to be included with a buyback; that means items like DVDs, CDs, workbooks, etc.

If a buyback quote is supposed to include supplemental components and the book is sent back to us without them, we attempt to pay the customer for what is received, which may be less than the original quote. Sometimes a package won’t have any value unless everything listed in the title is included.

When looking to sell a loose-leaf item, it is important to make sure the correct ISBN is being used. While we may be purchasing a hard or soft cover text, we won’t always be purchasing the loose-leaf version of that same title.

What do you do with buyback books sent to you in poor condition?

If we receive an item in unsellable condition, we notify the customer by email and detail the reason why it can’t be purchased. We also provide instructions on arranging a return if the customer would like the item back. If the customer decides they no longer want the item, it is recycled.

How to Sell Books Online to the Buyback Website

How do I create a free online account to start selling books to

To create an account on, go to the Log In page in the top right corner of our website. Or you can create an account during the buyback checkout process.

What information do I need to give to get a free online account at to sell used books and start making extra money?

To sell books to, we would need the following information for your account: name, email address, phone number, a US-based address, and payment preference (PayPal or check).

Once I open that account, how can I check to see how much will pay me for my books?

Customers can go to from their computer, laptop, or mobile device and select ‘Sell Textbooks’ at the top of the page.

Enter any ISBN in the search field to see the buyback value we are currently offering for that book. From there, you can add more books to a quote.

Once all books are added, the seller enters their info and finalizes their quote.

Once finished, you print a packing slip and a prepaid UPS shipping label, and then ship the book(s) to us.

Our buyback quotes are good for 30 days. However we recommend sending in your books right away – so you get your cash faster! But it’s peace of mind for students who want to lock in a good price and still need their book for finals.

Also, customers who have purchased books from can log into their account and check the buyback section in “My Account” to see what value we’re currently offering on those titles.

How to Send Your Used Books to for Money

How would you like books to be sent to you?

As long as the packaging is sturdy and the books are packaged well, they should arrive to us in good condition!

It’s important to consider the size of box or envelope that is used based on the number of books being sent. Too much extra room allows books to slide around and can damage them. If any filler is used, make sure it is something that won’t stain. For example, newspaper isn’t a great choice for this!

Wrapping the books in plastic is helpful, in case the books come in contact with any water on their journey to us. This will help prevent any damage in transit.

We’ve had a few buybacks received in cereal or pizza boxes – we definitely wouldn’t recommend those!

What type of free shipping do you offer?

For buyback, we offer free pre-paid shipping labels via UPS. This provides door-to-door tracking and shipments are typically received in our warehouse within 3-5 business days.

Do you provide any insurance with your free shipping labels?

Our buyback labels are not insured. While we rarely see any damage to shipments that are sent to us, customers always have the option of purchasing insurance for added peace of mind.

What other tips you can share for making sure books arrive in good shape so can pay you money for them?

This is all about packaging! As long as books are sent in sturdy packaging and don’t have a lot of room to slide around inside the box or envelope, they should arrive in good shape.

It’s a good idea to wrap books in something plastic to prevent any kind of exposure to water, especially during rainy seasons. Sellers also have to be sure to include all supplemental components quoted in the offer.

How long does it take for books to get to – and how long does it usually take before a person gets paid?

Shipments usually arrive to our warehouse within 3-5 business days, depending on the distance from our centrally located warehouse in Columbia, Missouri.

From there, sellers typically get their payments in 1-2 weeks, depending on whether a seller chose Paypal or check. We say to allow up to 4 weeks from the day you send your books to the day you get your money. Paypal is the fastest way to receive a payment.

How can people contact you if they have more questions?

If sellers have questions about the buyback process, they can visit our Help Desk for answers to the most commonly asked questions. It’s definitely the best place to start. For questions about existing buyback quotes or returns, we have a dedicated customer service team and sellers can submit their questions to us via the Contact Us page, email us anytime, or call our toll-free number.

Thanks again Chris! I hope Chris’ answers to my questions have made you more aware of the best ways to sell your used books online for a profit to buyback companies.

If you’d like to start selling your books online, go to and sign up for a free online account. You’ll be glad you did (I know I was!)

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Hey, did you know that you can also buy discounted textbooks for college from and sell those textbooks back to for cash when the semester ends? Learn more at How to Buy College Textbooks for Less on the Website.

How to Buy College Textbooks for Less on the Website Logo

Hey college students! Wondering where to buy textbooks for less? The following is an interview I conducted with Chris Gibson, the Director of Contact Center Operations for for my blog article, How to Sell Books Online for Profit with the Buyback Program.

Aside from paying cash for books sold online to them, also sells deeply discounted textbooks for college.

I know college students are always looking to buy textbooks cheap and spare their wallets, so I thought I’d post this interview to let you know how much money you can save by buying (and in some cases selling back) your textbooks from

Take it away, Chris! not only buys books but also sells them at discounted prices. What books do you sell? sells new and used books, eTextbooks, and other course materials for higher education and K-12 courses.

This includes textbooks from thousands of subjects, genres, and majors, along with a large list of trade books, novels, and non-fiction.

Books are also available through the Marketplace.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace, featuring books sold by independent sellers, is an additional service to our customers so they have more options when it comes to buying textbooks. If a title is available via Marketplace, it will be noted on the product page under the “Marketplace” header.

How can a student search your database for a textbook?

The best way to search our database is by ISBN. An ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit code assigned to a book. It’s located on the copyright page inside the book and usually also on the bar code on the back cover, although we recommend using the one on the copyright page.

You can search by title, author, or browse by keyword or subject as well, but searching by ISBN ensures you are buying the correct book assigned for your course.

There can be many versions or editions of a given title; some may be custom editions, some may come with online access, some may be packaged with additional components. Each “version” of a title will have its own ISBN, so it ensures we’re talking about the same book.

You also offer eTextbooks – what type of subjects do you offer?

We offer thousands of eTextbooks in a range of subjects and genres, and they are compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices (some may require you to download e-reader software).

Students can search eTextbooks via our main page, or the eTextbooks page.

How much are your eTextbooks in comparison to physical textbooks?

eTextbooks can be up to 60% less than their print counterparts.

What are some other benefits of eTextbooks?

eTextbooks and other digital materials can feature interactive learning tools, quick search, highlighting, note-sharing, definition look-up, and more. You can also generally access the contents right after purchase and they make learning on the go very easy.

What kind of discounts can students expect if they buy their textbooks from

The price of books available on is typically much less expensive than traditional campus bookstores and many other online retailers, and up to 90% off of the list price.

When purchasing books from, we offer free shipping on orders $25 and up, when bought directly from us.

Free shipping offers exclude Marketplace items. Because Marketplace sellers are independent vendors who ship their own items, they require a shipping charge.

If students buy books from, can they also sell these books back to when the semester ends?

Yes, absolutely! If there is buyback value, they can sell back to us. And
you can sell books to us no matter where you bought them.

And when students are looking to buy books from us, they should know that
we offer Guaranteed Cash Back on thousands of in-demand titles. That means
we’ll pay at least 50% of the purchase price of the book, if it is returned
in good condition during the Guaranteed Cash Back timeframe.

Books are noted as “Guaranteed Cash Back” on the product page under the
“New” or “Used” column, where you will see “Only $____ after buyback!” It’s
also noted in the cart at checkout. Students can also search for Guaranteed
Cash Back books on the “Advanced Search” page.

Thanks for the information, Chris!

I hope this article has informed you of a good website to buy textbooks for less. If you’d like to save money by buying discounted textbooks for college, be sure to visit and search its database for your next semester’s college textbooks.

As always, if you’d like to receive more tips and tricks for how to buy books for big discounts as well as sell books online for extra money, subscribe to my blog!

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