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Hey college students! Wondering where to buy textbooks for less? The following is an interview I conducted with Chris Gibson, the Director of Contact Center Operations for for my blog article, How to Sell Books Online for Profit with the Buyback Program.

Aside from paying cash for books sold online to them, also sells deeply discounted textbooks for college.

I know college students are always looking to buy textbooks cheap and spare their wallets, so I thought I’d post this interview to let you know how much money you can save by buying (and in some cases selling back) your textbooks from

Take it away, Chris! not only buys books but also sells them at discounted prices. What books do you sell? sells new and used books, eTextbooks, and other course materials for higher education and K-12 courses.

This includes textbooks from thousands of subjects, genres, and majors, along with a large list of trade books, novels, and non-fiction.

Books are also available through the Marketplace.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace, featuring books sold by independent sellers, is an additional service to our customers so they have more options when it comes to buying textbooks. If a title is available via Marketplace, it will be noted on the product page under the “Marketplace” header.

How can a student search your database for a textbook?

The best way to search our database is by ISBN. An ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit code assigned to a book. It’s located on the copyright page inside the book and usually also on the bar code on the back cover, although we recommend using the one on the copyright page.

You can search by title, author, or browse by keyword or subject as well, but searching by ISBN ensures you are buying the correct book assigned for your course.

There can be many versions or editions of a given title; some may be custom editions, some may come with online access, some may be packaged with additional components. Each “version” of a title will have its own ISBN, so it ensures we’re talking about the same book.

You also offer eTextbooks – what type of subjects do you offer?

We offer thousands of eTextbooks in a range of subjects and genres, and they are compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices (some may require you to download e-reader software).

Students can search eTextbooks via our main page, or the eTextbooks page.

How much are your eTextbooks in comparison to physical textbooks?

eTextbooks can be up to 60% less than their print counterparts.

What are some other benefits of eTextbooks?

eTextbooks and other digital materials can feature interactive learning tools, quick search, highlighting, note-sharing, definition look-up, and more. You can also generally access the contents right after purchase and they make learning on the go very easy.

What kind of discounts can students expect if they buy their textbooks from

The price of books available on is typically much less expensive than traditional campus bookstores and many other online retailers, and up to 90% off of the list price.

When purchasing books from, we offer free shipping on orders $25 and up, when bought directly from us.

Free shipping offers exclude Marketplace items. Because Marketplace sellers are independent vendors who ship their own items, they require a shipping charge.

If students buy books from, can they also sell these books back to when the semester ends?

Yes, absolutely! If there is buyback value, they can sell back to us. And
you can sell books to us no matter where you bought them.

And when students are looking to buy books from us, they should know that
we offer Guaranteed Cash Back on thousands of in-demand titles. That means
we’ll pay at least 50% of the purchase price of the book, if it is returned
in good condition during the Guaranteed Cash Back timeframe.

Books are noted as “Guaranteed Cash Back” on the product page under the
“New” or “Used” column, where you will see “Only $____ after buyback!” It’s
also noted in the cart at checkout. Students can also search for Guaranteed
Cash Back books on the “Advanced Search” page.

Thanks for the information, Chris!

I hope this article has informed you of a good website to buy textbooks for less. If you’d like to save money by buying discounted textbooks for college, be sure to visit and search its database for your next semester’s college textbooks.

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