Why I Share My “Secrets” of Selling Books Online for Cash

Recently, I received a very nice email from one of my readers thanking me for sharing my methods of flipping books online for profit on this blog. Like many of you, she’s interested in earning money by selling books and was eager to try out many of the techniques I teach.

She went on, however, to ask why I was sharing my “secrets” so openly with everyone online. Wouldn’t giving away all my tricks make it harder for me to earn extra cash selling to buyback companies like Cash4Books or Sell Back Your Book?

Well, no. It hasn’t. As a matter of fact, since I started this blog way back in 2013, my profits from online bookselling have increased substantially. I’ve even encountered several booksellers who use similar methods to mine, yet we’ve never gotten in each other’s way.

Let me explain why I feel comfortable about giving all of you such detailed articles on online bookselling – and why you shouldn’t worry about competition.

Online Bookselling is a Growth Industry

First, let’s look at the practical side of why sharing information about online bookselling doesn’t hurt my bottom line.

If you’ve read my articles about making money from gold dust books, you’ll know there are thousands of books out there that you can sell for a profit online every day.

Some of these books will earn you a small profit, others will offer a massive payday, but my point is there is no way I’d be able to find, sell, and profit from more than a small fraction of them, even if I spent all my time searching for books.

Plus, when you take into account how there are more and more thrift shops, estate sales, and library bookstores opening up every day, the number of potential suppliers for a bookseller’s inventory is constantly expanding. Even if a competitor did try to buy all of the profitable books from a store or if one of those shops overprices their books, I could easily find a new supplier in no time.

Frankly, if I ever tried to take more than my fair share from all the books out there, I’d burn myself out and collapse from exhaustion – and what fun would that be?

My advice? Make what you want using Bookscouter, but don’t feel like you have to compete with other booksellers or spend all your time looking for books to sell. Relax and have fun – and if you ever have to stop for a few days or weeks, don’t worry! The books will be there when you come back.

My Personal Reasons for Running This Blog

Of course, knowing there are more books out there than I could ever hope to sell isn’t the only reason I run this blog.

The truth is, I enjoy sharing what I know and helping people learn about unusual things – and making money by selling books online with Bookscouter is definitely one of the most unusual ways I’ve ever earned extra cash!

And at the risk of sounding like a spiritual guru (or a Disney princess), sometimes the best thing to do with your knowledge is to “let it go.” I’ve had a lot of fun being an online bookseller, and it’s nice to know you guys will continue to benefit from my methods as long as this blog is up.

There’s another benefit I get from writing all of these blog articles. By taking the time to go over all of my tricks and techniques in detail, I’ve found I’ve gotten even more creative about the ways I sell books online.

Over the last few years, for instance, I’ve developed strategies that have allowed me to sell books faster and for higher prices on Amazon. This is great since you can earn even bigger profits from Amazon book sales than Bookscouter, and those profits will keep coming in even when you’re not spending your time looking for books.

I’m currently sharing many of these techniques in my Sell Books Fast Online eBook Series. If you enjoy reading my blog, I highly recommend you check out my eBooks (and please leave me a review!)

So that’s it guys! As long as I’m running this blog, you can always depend on me to be open and forthcoming about my bookselling methods. Remember, to me these aren’t “secrets” – they’re techniques everyone should be able to try out on their own!

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Keep sending me those questions and comments, guys! Email me at sellbooksfastonline@gmail.com.