The Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online Besides Amazon Part 2

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This is the latest in a series of articles that review the buyback websites you can use to sell your textbooks for the most cash.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read my article Is the Book Condition of Your Textbook Good Enough to Make You Extra Money? to make sure you sell the right kind of textbooks before going any farther. Then come back here (don’t worry, I’ll wait!)

Welcome back! Now let’s get see how you can use what you’ve learned to make some extra money:


Valore is yet another textbook buyback company I’ve had a lot of success selling to. Many of my textbook buyback packages to them have been worth well over $50!

Valore currently has a minimum buyback order of $15, although once again, since their high textbook buyback price usually keeps this from being a problem.

One cool thing about selling books online to Valore is that it frequently offers bonuses at different times of the year which you can learn about by signing up for email alerts when creating your Valore account. These bonuses come in the form of codes you enter when selling your books, and can give you a 5%, 10% or higher bonus on your buyback order.

Finally, has and always will be one of my favorite book buyback company to sell textbooks to.

While’s textbook buyback prices don’t always go as high as some of the companies listed above, they do often offer a higher price for most books than other buyback companies.

More importantly, buys a lot of books (last month alone, they bought over 300 books from me). This, combined with their fast PayPal payment (they usually pay in about 2 weeks), makes them a very good buyback company to sell to. offers free UPS shipping labels and has a minimum buyback order of $10 (which is seriously not a problem when you regularly sell them packages worth over $60).

Other Places to Sell College Textbooks

Of course, book buyback websites aren’t the only place where you can sell textbooks online for good prices – and in my next blog entry, I’ll share my thoughts on the question, Should You Sell Textbooks on Amazon or to a Book Buyback Company?

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