How to Sell Your Gold Dust Books Online For the Best Prices


In my previous posts, I introduced you to gold dust books, or books you can easily find and sell by sending them to book buyback companies – companies that will immediately buy your books for an offered price.

The problem most people face at this point is figuring out which book buyback company will offer the best price for their gold dust books.

Fortunately, there’s a terrific free online resource that will solve this problem.

It’s called

What is

Founded in 2007 by Internet entrepreneur Brandon Checketts, is a website that allows you to look up books and see the price quotes different book buyback companies are offering for them.

Unlike a book buyback company website, you don’t sell books to Bookscouter – instead you compare price quotes from over forty different book buyback companies and then choose which company you want to sell your books to.

For a book scout, this offers a great advantage since you’ll be able to determine which book buyback companies offer the best prices for your book, allowing you to make the most money off of your gold dust books.

How to Use

Using is easy. Just go to the website’s homepage and type in the ISBN number of a book. Click Search for the Best Prices and the website will bring up a list of price quotes offered by book buyback companies for that book.

To speed up your search, I highly recommend buying an USB CCD Barcode Scanner. This is a barcode scanner with a USB cord that plugs into your laptop or computer, reads the ISBN number from the book’s barcode, and enters it onto Bookscouter’s search bar. It’s a great device that’s saved me a lot of time since I started selling books online.

Improve Your Search with a Free Bookscouter Account

To get the most out of, you’ll want to sign up for a free Bookscouter account. With this account, you’ll be able to see price quotes from all of the book buyback companies on Bookscouter. (Without an account, you’ll only see price quotes from Bookscouter’s top eighteen “Preferred Vendors”).

Having a free Bookscouter account also means you can see what your book is selling for on That way, if you find you can list your book on Amazon for a better price than the price quotes you receive from book buyback companies, you’ll know not to send it to a buyback company by mistake.

To sign up for a free Bookscouter account:
1.    Go to
2.    Click on Register on the top right corner of the homepage
3.    Enter your email address and create a password
4.    Click Sign Up

Once you create your account, you can login at any time and be directed to the User Dashboard. This page shows you some of Bookscouter’s other services and allows you to manage your account.

One useful feature on the Dashboard is the Vendor Selection option. This lets you limit your price comparison search to only the buyback companies you want to sell to. This makes your price comparison searches faster since Bookscouter won’t have to search for prices from all forty-one buyback companies.

To limit your price comparison search:
1.    Go to
2.    Login to your account
3.    Click on Vendor Selection.
4.    Check or uncheck any of the boxes next to the book buyback companies listed to ensure they do or do not show up on your searches.
5.    Click Save Selection when you’re done.

Take Bookscouter on the Go with the Bookscouter App

Bookscouter also offers a free Bookscouter App that can be downloaded onto an Android or iPhone, and a Mobile Bookscouter Application that can be accessed through the Internet Browser on your phone. This allows you to use Bookscouter to scan for prices with your cell phone at thrift stores and garage sales.

If you’d like to try out the app, you can find and download it by visiting the Android Marketplace (for Android phones) or App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and typing “Bookscouter” in the search bar.

Read Reviews of Book Buyback Companies on Bookscouter

One common concern people have when they send books to a book buyback company is wondering whether or not the company will pay for their books.

As with any business, while there are many good and reliable book buyback companies out there, occasionally a seller will find a company that delays payment or even refuses to pay at all.

To make sure you don’t encounter these bad companies, I urge you to read the reviews other sellers have left about their experiences with book buyback companies.

To read these reviews, go to and click on the Vendors link located on the top tool bar. This will take you to the Vendors Feedback page where you can click on the View Info and Feedback link located to each book buyback company listing and read what other sellers have to say about the company.

Final Thoughts on Bookscouter

Overall, I think provides one of the easiest ways to find the best prices for your gold dust books.

That said, although Bookscouter shows you the price quotes offered by book buyback companies, you still need to study each book buyback company’s policies to make sure they will accept your copy of the book before you send them any books.

Remember, some book buyback companies will accept books with minimal underlining or highlighting while other companies will only pay for books in near-perfect condition. Thus, while you might receive several great price quotes for your book on Bookscouter, you may only be able to sell your book to some of those buyback companies!

In the future, I’ll provide posts that discuss how the condition of your books affects the type of book buyback companies you can sell them to. I’ll also share my personal experiences with book buyback companies and recommend some of the most reliable vendors.

I urge you to subscribe to my blog so you’ll be able to get this information and avoid accidentally sending a valuable book to a buyback company that will not pay for it.

For now, I highly recommend you visit and try out its free services for yourself. Sign up for a free Bookscouter account, enter the ISBN numbers of some books you’d like to sell, and see if you have some gold dust books in your house right now!

What Are Book Buyback Companies?

Laptop and Books RESIZED

Wondering where to sell books online and make extra money fast?

Most people think if they list their books on or eBay, the money will come rolling in.

But while these markets are great places to sell books worth $20 or more, if your books are worth less than $10, you’re going to be disappointed.

Remember, both Amazon and eBay deduct fees and commissions from the sales you make on their websites – which will cut into your profit margin.

Plus, you’ll be competing with other online sellers – so if your books don’t sell fast, you may need to lower your prices to stay competitive, causing you to lose more money.

On top of that, it can take time – sometimes weeks or months – for some of your books to sell on Amazon or eBay, which can be a problem if you want to make extra money fast.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other places to sell books online – and one of the best places for people who want to make extra money fast is a book buyback company, like the ones you can find on

What Are Book Buyback Companies?

Book buyback companies (also called textbook buyback companies) have their origins in pre-Internet days when college bookstores would “buy back” textbooks students had finished using and resell those used books to new students.

Most students didn’t like this since they could usually only sell their books back for a fraction of the original price. If a student wrote in his or her book, that price could be lowered. Worse, when a college stopped using a textbook, they stopped buying the book even if it was still in excellent condition.

With the coming of the Internet, however, students gained new options for selling books. If students weren’t happy with what their college bookstore was paying, they could go online and see if stores in different parts of the country were buying the book for a higher price. They could then mail their books to these bookstores and be paid by mail.

Today, this service has evolved into many online book buyback companies that operate year-round and can be found on online services like Moreover, these companies don’t just buy textbooks but also novels, self-help books, religious texts, recent bestsellers, computer game guides and more.

Each book buyback company offers a website where people can check how much the company will pay for their books. People can then fill a box with those books, send them to the company, and receive payment in two to three weeks (by Pay Pal) or one month (by mailed check).

Most book buyback companies also provide free shipping labels customers can print out and use to ship their books. This is great since book buyback packages can get pretty heavy, which could eat up a seller’s profits if they had to pay for postage.

Are Book Buyback Companies the Best Place to Sell Books Online?

Sometimes. And sometimes not.

Some people don’t sell books to book buyback companies because they think they’ll always get a better price for their books if they sell them on Amazon.

While it is true that there are some books that sell better on Amazon than to a buyback company, the reverse is also often true.

That’s right – there are a lot of books you can buy very cheaply at thrift stores and garage sales that only sell for a penny on Amazon, but can be sold immediately for $2, $5, or even $10 to a book buyback company.

Moreover, since you ship books to buyback companies in bulk (most of your packages will contain five to ten books) the combined net profit of all those books will often match or exceed the profit you could make from a single package you sell on Amazon.

I call these books “gold dust books” and you can read more about them in my post, What Are Gold Dust Books – And How Can They Make Me Extra Money?

The trick is to see book buyback companies for what they are – another option in a large online market that you can sell books to and make substantial profits.

In future posts, I’ll go into more detail on how you can determine whether or not to sell your book on Amazon or to a book buyback company – so be sure to subscribe to my blog to get all the latest updates.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can find some of these book buyback companies — and which ones will pay the most for your books — so find some answers by reading my articles, How to Sell Your Gold Dust Books Online for the Best Prices and  8 Great Book Buyback Companies To Sell Books To.

What Are Gold Dust Books — And How Can They Make Me Extra Money?


If you’re like most people, you dream about stumbling onto a copy of the Gutenberg Bible that will sell for $2.2 million at auction and make you an instant member of the super rich.

Well guess what? That’ll probably never happen to you.

Hey, these books are called “rare books” for a reason. And while it is possible that – if you search long enough – you’ll find a book you can sell online for $100, you probably won’t have that success every day (especially if you’re just starting to sell books online).

On the other hand… while you won’t find a $100 book every day, you can make $100 on most days selling books online – just by buying a lot of books and selling them all in the same day.

It’s very possible. In fact I do it all the time — and with only the aid of a free online resource called

The “secret” is to stop looking for only books that sell for $50 or $100 and open your eyes to all the other potentially valuable books available to you – like gold dust books.

Gold Dust Books

In future posts, I’m going to be talking a lot about gold dust books and how you can find and sell them very quickly to make extra money. For now, however, I’d like to give a basic definition of what gold dust books are.

Gold dust books are books that often sell for low prices online (usually $2 to $10, although a few are more valuable). Unlike books on Amazon or eBay (where you wait for someone to buy your book) gold dust books can be sold immediately to book buyback companies that will offer a price quote for your books and pay you for them via Pay Pal or check.

These book buyback companies can range from a textbook buyback company like or Valore that specializes in buying educational books to a physical bookstore like that gets a lot of its stock from books sent to them by people like you.

Even has a book buyback program that will let you sell books directly to their company — although they pay you in trade credit rather than cash.

It’s easy to sell gold dust books. You sign up for a free account at a book buyback company’s website, enter the books you want to sell, and receive a price quote for them. The website gives you with a shipping label to send the books and once your books are received, the company pays you.

Benefits of Selling Gold Dust Books

The best part about selling gold dust books is – they’re everywhere!

Every day, there are dozens of gold dust books selling for cheap prices at thrift stores and garage sales. They can be religious texts, self-help books, paperback novels, and even children’s books.

Many book sellers (or “book scouts”) ignore these books since they don’t look as good as books that sell for $25 or more.

To me, however, it’s totally worth it to load my cart with gold dust books because they’re easier to find than high-profit books – and they provide me with a guaranteed sale since the book buyback company is already offering me a price for each book.

Moreover, once I pack five or ten gold dust books in one package, I can earn $20, $30, or even $40 per package – a net profit comparable to those harder-to-find high profit books.

The other great part about selling gold dust books is that you can sell them fast.

Any business needs to turnover its merchandise regularly in order to generate a good cash flow. So while it might be a thrill to have an Amazon book inventory that’s worth over $10,000, if none of those books are selling, that online store’s ability to generate actual income is limited.

In contrast, I can make extra money very quickly by selling all my gold dust books on the same day I bought them. Even better, I can re-use that same money over and over again to buy more books and earn extra money without having to invest another dime!

Drawbacks of Selling Gold Dust Books

The disadvantage of selling gold dust books is that while it’s easier to find gold dust books than high-profit books, there aren’t enough of these books for most book scouts to generate a full-time income by only selling gold dust books to book buyback companies.

The good news is that if you look at selling gold dust books as a way to make extra money, you’ll be very pleased by what you do earn. It’s fairly easy (if you take the time and effort to study this business) to make an extra $1000 a month by selling gold dust books – which can provide you with a nice regular supplemental income.

Final Thoughts

As someone who’s sold books to both book buyback companies and on, I can honestly say that anyone who wants to succeed in selling books online should take advantage of both book buyback companies and Amazon.

Each of these companies has its benefits and drawbacks and, while I don’t pretend to be the ultimate expert in online bookselling, I have developed a number of techniques and strategies that give me an edge in these markets.

Update: Recently, I published my popular Sell Books Fast Online eBook series which details how to sell books on Amazon faster and for higher prices. If you’d like to make even more money by selling books on Amazon as well as to buyback companies, I encourage you to check it out!

In the meantime, I urge you to subscribe to my blog to make sure you receive all my updates on how you can sell books online quickly to both buyback companies and Amazon.

And then check out my article, How to Sell Gold Dust Books Online for the Best Prices to see exactly how you can start making extra money from gold dust books.

How to Make Extra Money Every Day “Flipping” Books Online

Dollars in the Books RESIZED

Want to make extra money every day selling books online?

Many people earn extra money this way – in fact you’ve probably seen several people shopping at thrift stores for books they can re-sell for a profit online.

Unfortunately, newcomers to this business get discouraged when they find it can take weeks or even months for their books to sell on or eBay. For someone starting out, this can lead to some serious cash flow problems.

Fortunately, I’m about to show you how you can make extra money selling books online by buying dozens of books every day and selling them all in less than 24 hours. And all this by using a single free online resource called Bookscouter.

Sound impossible? Here’s how it works.

Selling Gold Dust Books Online

Every day, there are dozens of profitable books that go overlooked by experienced booksellers (or “book scouts” as we call them in the business). These books (which I call gold dust books) sell online for relatively low prices (usually $2 to $10).

Gold dust books can be anything — recent bestsellers, young adult novels, histories, science books, and even self-help books.

Because these books don’t sell for much on or eBay, most book scouts turn them down.

What many of these book scouts don’t realize is these gold dust books can be sold immediately to book buyback companies (also called textbook buyback companies) for $2 to $10 (or more!) a book. You can pack a few dozen of these books in a box, ship them out the next day, and double or triple your money when your payment comes in two weeks later.

Most book buyback companies also offer free shipping labels (which you can print directly from their websites), saving you expensive mailing fees and allowing you to pocket more of the profits.

And best of all, you can find online bids for multiple book buyback companies by visiting a single free online website called, which connects you with dozens of book buyback companies and shows you how much they will pay for your books.

Earn More Extra Money by “Flipping” Gold Dust Books

Okay (I hear you saying), so I can earn a quick $2 or $5 per book if I sell gold dust books to book buyback companies. But can these books really earn me thousands of dollars?

To answer that question, I’d like to demonstrate the concept of the “flip.”

Basically, “flipping” books involves buying and selling books so fast that even books with small profits generate substantial income over time.

Sound confusing? Check out this real-life example.

Say you give yourself a budget of $200 a week to buy gold dust books. On an average week, you find you can buy 200 books (for about $1 a book) and sell or “flip” them for an average price of $2.25 each to buyback companies.

In other words, you make a net profit of $1.25 per book ($2.25 – $1 = $1.25).

In an average week, you’ll make a net profit of $250 ($1.25 x 200 books).

Within an average month you’ll have earned a net profit of over $1000 – or roughly $1083.00 ($250 x 4.33 weeks)

And in a year (52 weeks) you’ll have earned a net profit of $13,000! ($250 x 52 weeks)!

Also keep in mind that since you keep earning back your initial $200 week after week, you don’t need to invest any new money to buy books! Basically, you’re spending and re-spending the same $200 every week – and making $250 off of it every week.

To put it in different terms, you’re earning a 125% profit from your initial $200 investment each week… or a 6500% profit every year! (125% x 52 weeks)

By the way, as you get better at finding and flipping gold dust books, you’ll discover you can buy them for less than $1 a book – and sell them for much more than $2.25. Both of these factors will raise your profit margin substantially.

Learning How to Make Extra Money by Selling Gold Dust Books

When I started selling gold dust books years ago, I found making extra money this way was fun and a great starting point for anyone with a limited budget who wanted to sell books online.

I also learned selling gold dust books was different from selling books on Amazon or eBay. I needed to use different equipment, adopt new book hunting strategies, and discover which book buyback companies were the most reliable (and paid the best).

Fortunately for you, in future posts, I’ll be sharing multiple tips and strategies on selling gold dust books so you’ll be able to profit faster than I did when I started out.

I’ll also be sharing tips on how to sell books more effectively on Amazon when you do start selling high-profit books.

To make sure to take full advantage of these strategies, I urge you to poke around my blog and find more articles on selling books fast.

Looking for a place to start? I recommend reading How to Sell Your Gold Dust Books Online for the Best Prices.

Want more updates? Why not subscribe to my blog so you can be sure to receive all my updates?