How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon


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After four years of offering free tips for selling books online, I’ve received many emails from readers telling me how they’ve enjoyed making extra money selling used books with resources like Bookscouter.

A lot of these people are also interested in selling used books on online marketplaces like and have asked me questions about selling on Amazon.

But while I’ve tried to answer some of their questions in my articles, many of my most effective Amazon selling strategies take a lot more room to teach than a short blog post.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new eBook series, Sell Books Fast Online – a series specifically designed to show you easy and effective strategies for selling books faster and for higher prices on Amazon.

And best of all you can get the first book in the series – How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazonfor only $0.99 from December 13th to December 14th!

How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon

Did you know that writing great descriptions of your used books can help them sell faster and for higher prices on Amazon?

Many Amazon sellers don’t realize this. Most just copy and paste the same vague description on all their used book listings. (Think about all the times you searched for a used book on Amazon, only to find a bland description stating the book “may or may not contain highlighting, underlining or notes”)

Some Amazon sellers don’t even bother to describe their book’s condition at all, leaving that entire section blank.

Yet by passing up the chance to spotlight key features of their books, these sellers are ignoring one of the easiest ways to make more money selling used books on Amazon.

By writing a great book description, you can:
• Tell customers what they want to know about your book
• Highlight special features about your book and online bookstore
• Make your used book’s flaws appear attractive to the right buyer
Attract customers who will pay higher prices for your books

Best of all, writing descriptions that sell used books can be quick and easy – if you have the resources I provide in this short, fast-paced guide.

After reading How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon, you’ll know how to create a basic template specific to your online Amazon bookstore that you can use on all of the used books you want to sell.

You’ll also learn how to quickly modify that template to describe key features of each of your used books, allowing you to attract more customers and make more money online!

Even better, I include a series of copywriting templates at the end of the book that you can use to help create your own book descriptions.

These templates are book descriptions I’ve personally used over the years to help me make thousands of dollars on Amazon. Using them as your guide, you’ll be able to create eye-catching descriptions of your own in no time – even if you’re not a writer!

How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon is a fantastic resource for college students who want to resell their textbooks on Amazon, book collectors who want to get into the online bookselling business and anyone who wants to turn some of the used books in their home into cash!

Plus, at the sale price of $0.99 (regular price only $2.99!) it makes a great stocking stuffer or last-minute Christmas gift for the eBook reader in your family.

Sell Books Fast Online

The best part is that How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon is only the first in the Sell Books Fast Online series.

Every month, I’ll be releasing a new eBook that focuses on a different aspect of selling used books on Amazon – from getting great customer feedback, to finding more books to sell, to pricing your books competitively – and offer simple and effective strategies that you can use immediately to become a better Amazon seller.

That way, if you have questions about a certain aspect of selling books online – or if you’d like to improve your bookselling skills in a key area – you can choose from any of the Sell Books Fast Online guides that will help you the most.

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For now though, please check out How to Write Descriptions That Sell Used Books on Amazon – and please leave me a review if you found it helpful!

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