How to Make Extra Money Every Day “Flipping” Books Online

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Want to make extra money every day selling books online?

Many people earn extra money this way – in fact you’ve probably seen several people shopping at thrift stores for books they can re-sell for a profit online.

Unfortunately, newcomers to this business get discouraged when they find it can take weeks or even months for their books to sell on or eBay. For someone starting out, this can lead to some serious cash flow problems.

Fortunately, I’m about to show you how you can make extra money selling books online by buying dozens of books every day and selling them all in less than 24 hours. And all this by using a single free online resource called Bookscouter.

Sound impossible? Here’s how it works.

Selling Gold Dust Books Online

Every day, there are dozens of profitable books that go overlooked by experienced booksellers (or “book scouts” as we call them in the business). These books (which I call gold dust books) sell online for relatively low prices (usually $2 to $10).

Gold dust books can be anything — recent bestsellers, young adult novels, histories, science books, and even self-help books.

Because these books don’t sell for much on or eBay, most book scouts turn them down.

What many of these book scouts don’t realize is these gold dust books can be sold immediately to book buyback companies (also called textbook buyback companies) for $2 to $10 (or more!) a book. You can pack a few dozen of these books in a box, ship them out the next day, and double or triple your money when your payment comes in two weeks later.

Most book buyback companies also offer free shipping labels (which you can print directly from their websites), saving you expensive mailing fees and allowing you to pocket more of the profits.

And best of all, you can find online bids for multiple book buyback companies by visiting a single free online website called, which connects you with dozens of book buyback companies and shows you how much they will pay for your books.

Earn More Extra Money by “Flipping” Gold Dust Books

Okay (I hear you saying), so I can earn a quick $2 or $5 per book if I sell gold dust books to book buyback companies. But can these books really earn me thousands of dollars?

To answer that question, I’d like to demonstrate the concept of the “flip.”

Basically, “flipping” books involves buying and selling books so fast that even books with small profits generate substantial income over time.

Sound confusing? Check out this real-life example.

Say you give yourself a budget of $200 a week to buy gold dust books. On an average week, you find you can buy 200 books (for about $1 a book) and sell or “flip” them for an average price of $2.25 each to buyback companies.

In other words, you make a net profit of $1.25 per book ($2.25 – $1 = $1.25).

In an average week, you’ll make a net profit of $250 ($1.25 x 200 books).

Within an average month you’ll have earned a net profit of over $1000 – or roughly $1083.00 ($250 x 4.33 weeks)

And in a year (52 weeks) you’ll have earned a net profit of $13,000! ($250 x 52 weeks)!

Also keep in mind that since you keep earning back your initial $200 week after week, you don’t need to invest any new money to buy books! Basically, you’re spending and re-spending the same $200 every week – and making $250 off of it every week.

To put it in different terms, you’re earning a 125% profit from your initial $200 investment each week… or a 6500% profit every year! (125% x 52 weeks)

By the way, as you get better at finding and flipping gold dust books, you’ll discover you can buy them for less than $1 a book – and sell them for much more than $2.25. Both of these factors will raise your profit margin substantially.

Learning How to Make Extra Money by Selling Gold Dust Books

When I started selling gold dust books years ago, I found making extra money this way was fun and a great starting point for anyone with a limited budget who wanted to sell books online.

I also learned selling gold dust books was different from selling books on Amazon or eBay. I needed to use different equipment, adopt new book hunting strategies, and discover which book buyback companies were the most reliable (and paid the best).

Fortunately for you, in future posts, I’ll be sharing multiple tips and strategies on selling gold dust books so you’ll be able to profit faster than I did when I started out.

I’ll also be sharing tips on how to sell books more effectively on Amazon when you do start selling high-profit books.

To make sure to take full advantage of these strategies, I urge you to poke around my blog and find more articles on selling books fast.

Looking for a place to start? I recommend reading How to Sell Your Gold Dust Books Online for the Best Prices.

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