How Sell Books Fast Helps You Make Extra Money

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Welcome to Sell Books Fast! This blog helps you make extra money by showing you how to sell books to big online book markets (like and book buyback companies (like Sell Back Your Book, Valore, and Cash 4 Books).

Using the techniques I teach on this blog, you’ll learn how to sell books fast (often less than 24 hours after you find them) and get paid fast (usually in 2-4 weeks and sometimes even sooner).

How does all of this work? To ensure you have a basic understanding of selling books online before reading my blog articles, I’ll show you step-by-step right now how selling books online earns you extra money:

1. You visit places that sell books for low prices – often under $1 a book. These can include thrift stores, garage sales, and even libraries – and I’ll go through the pros and cons of each book supplier in my blog.

2. Using some basic equipment (often a cell phone or tablet – but also a Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner, SP2100, or PDA if you want to make more money) you find how much you can resell these books online by visiting online resources like book buyback comparison websites.

3. You buy the books you can resell for a profit online. (My blog will teach you how to purchase these books for a discount, increasing your profit margin and earning you extra money).

4. You choose where you want to sell your books and place buyback orders with the companies you choose. There are a lot of options out there – and you can learn about some of them in my blog posts 8 Great Book Buyback Companies to Sell Books To, 2 More Great Book Buyback Companies to Sell Books To, and 2 Great Book Buyback Companies to Sell Textbooks To.

5. You clean and package your books to ensure they arrive in good condition. A lot of booksellers mess up at this point which can prevent them from being paid, so I’ll make sure to teach you some cheap and easy methods to make sure your books are packed and shipped properly.

6. You ship your books promptly – often 24 hours after you buy them. Most of the time the companies you sell to will pay for your shipping, saving you money and increasing your profit margin. I’ll let you know when this is a good thing and when it might be more profitable to pay for your own shipping.

7. Your buyers send you your payment – often via check or PayPal – in 2-4 weeks (and sometimes sooner). I’ll let you know which buyback companies pay the fastest. I’ll also write articles on other ways you can be paid (which can include direct deposit or trade credit) and when it might be more profitable to look into these alternatives.

Does this sound simple, fun, and profitable? Well it is – I’ve personally made thousands of dollars in extra income using this method.

However, this method only really works this well if you know what you’re doing.

The problem is, most people who try to sell books online don’t bother learning all the details and techniques of online bookselling. They rush right in, often without the proper equipment or know-how, and expect to earn a ton of extra money in just a few days.

These people fizzle out real fast. Sure they might earn a little money at first, but eventually they get frustrated and quit – which is unfortunate because if they just took the time to really learn this business, they could earn themselves a lot of extra money, or even a regular supplemental stream of income.

That’s why I created this blog – and why I urge you to spend some time reading my articles and visiting my links so you can be prepared when you start making extra money by selling books online.

I encourage you to subscribe to my blog to make sure you learn about all the tips and techniques I’ll be sharing with you in future posts. Also, please comment in the posts and let me know what types of questions you have and what information you’d like to see in this blog.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope my blog helps you earn extra money!

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